Why Use Our Services?

Why we offer our services

IADC provides a number of services for our Guests to make their lives enriched, easier, and more independent from their caregivers.  From transportation to and from our facilities, excursions into the community, coordinating healthcare visits, to delivering meals at home, we answer many of the problems our elder Guests face on a daily basis.

Do you or a loved one ever:

  • Worry about caregiver burnout, or feel stressed-out by the demands of taking care of an elder adult?
  • Fear depleting your savings through expensive in-home nursing, or an assisted-living facility?
  • Wish you or your loved one could do more, but transportation is an issue?
  • Hate juggling multiple schedules and providers for healthcare visits, in-home care, time for fun, etc.?

We solve these problems for our Guests!

No matter what the reason for coming to Independent Adult Day, our caretakers and Guests love the sense of community they experience while here.  Just as important, our services ease financial concerns!  Guests visiting during the day and using our In-Home Care can save thousands of dollars compared to the price of a residential care facility, while getting to stay at home.

For additional information on our services, please Call or Email Us, or download the IADC Brochure:

Our Services

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