Attendant Care

If you have a loved one who needs ongoing care at home, talk to Independent Adult Day Centers about Attendant Care services. When you have a loved one who has difficulty completing tasks or needs assistance at home because of physical or cognitive impairments, a caregiver from Independent Adult Day can help. Our in-home caregivers can assist with everyday needs such as dressing, grooming, light housekeeping, errands, meal prepping and more. Our attendants work closely with our Guest’s families to create a personalized care plan and communicate updates about their condition and well-being.

Attendant Care is one of the four main services that Independent Adult Day Care provides. Families can enroll their loved ones in one or multiple services based on their loved one’s current needs. Your loved one can still attend one of our Centers during the day, and receive Home Health Care Services, Health Care Coordination services, and Attendant Care if needed. Talk to Independent Adult Day Centers today to learn which services your loved one would benefit from most.

What is Attendant Care?

Attendant care is a non-medical home care service available on an ongoing basis to help with Activities of Daily Living. Our caregivers put your loved one’s needs first. They provide peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being attended to with the utmost care and attention. Our Attendant Care Services include:

Light Housekeeping

Older adults, or those with physical or cognitive issues, may have difficulty keeping their homes tidy. We can help keep their home clean and free of clutter.

Activities of Daily Living

Our attendants are prepared to help with dressing, bathing, toileting, eating, grooming, and transferring. These tasks are often difficult for a family caregiver to do for a loved one. A caregiver from Independent Adult Day Centers has the knowledge and training to provide this kind of assistance for you.

Meal Planning and Preparation

Individuals with cognitive or physical disabilities may forget to eat healthy meals or drink enough water throughout the day or may not be able to meal plan or prepare. A caregiver through IADC can provide nutritious meals and ensure that your loved one is staying hydrated throughout the day.

Shopping and Errands

An IADC Caregiver can help your loved on with shopping and errands. Shopping and errands can be completed easier and safer with the help of IADC Attendant Care.


Whether your loved one needs help with activities of daily living, shopping and errands, or just needs a companion to play cards or watch a game show with, IADC Attendant Care can help. Our caregivers will keep your loved one comfortable, cared for, and engaged while attending to their needs.

Attendant helping an IADC guest out of a vehicle

Why Partner with IADC?

Independent Adult Day Centers offer a variety of in-Center and in-home care services that families rely on to keep their loved ones safe, healthy, and entertained throughout the day. We understand the needs of those with dementia, chronic diseases and physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to provide great care to our Guests and relief to their families and other unpaid caregivers.

Whether you enroll your loved one in one of our Centers or our home services, you can rest easy knowing their medical needs are met throughout the day.

Pay For Care

When it comes to paying for care, IADC accepts many forms of payment. For Attendant Care, we accept the Medicaid Aging and Disabled and TBI Waivers or private pay. In addition, some long-term care insurance policies include a benefit for Attendant Care. We work with you to make sure care for your loved one is possible and affordable.

Woman getting help with medication from a nurse from IADC
ladies eating popcorn and sitting on a couch

Trust Independent Adult Day Centers with Your Loved One’s Care

When you trust the professionals at Independent Adult Day Centers with the care and well-being of your family member or loved one, you will have the peace of mind that they’re in good hands. From assistance with daily activities to ensuring your loved one has companionship throughout the day, we provide all of the Attendant Care services your loved one needs. To learn more about Independent Adult Day Centers’ available services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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