Activities of Daily Living

Caring for a loved one who is aging or has special health needs can be overwhelming if you’re doing it alone, especially if you work or have other obligations. That’s why Independent Adult Day Centers was founded.

Adult Day Service (ADS) is a daytime, non-residential program of medical and professional care services for those 18 and older. Independent Adult Day Centers offers ADS at our three Indianapolis area Centers.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) support includes assistance for you or your loved one with dressing, bathing, grooming, eating, toileting and transferring. ADL support is part of the Adult Day and Attendant Care services.

If you’re struggling to meet the needs of your loved one during the day, contact Independent Adult Day Centers to learn more about how our services can help assist you and your loved one.

What Are Activities of Daily Living?

If your loved one or family member struggles to perform basic functions, we have a professionally trained staff directly supervised by licensed nurses to assist with the following:

  • Dressing. We can help dress your family member after showering or toileting – or if they simply want to put on a sweater if they’re feeling a bit cold.
  • Bathing. We have a full-service bathroom facility where we can assist in showering or bathing your family member.
  • Grooming: At Independent Adult Day Centers, we have a salon to provide weekly “spa” and “spa like” services on site. Our staff can also assist with daily grooming needs such as brushing teeth and combing hair.
  • Eating: We serve breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. We accommodate special diets and food preparation needs such as mechanical soft, pureed, etc, and our team is trained to assist your loved one with safely consuming meals at the center.
  • Toileting. The professionals at Independent Adult Day Centers are expertly trained on how to care for our Guests, including assisting in toileting.
  • Transferring. If your family member has mobility issues, such as transferring from a wheelchair to a recliner or a recliner to the restroom, we can transfer them throughout our facility. This includes the bathroom, dining room, or one of our comfortable living areas.

Ask How IADC Can Help Your Loved One At Home

We also offer in-home Attendant Care and skilled Home Health Care (daytime as well as nights and weekends) as well as Healthcare Coordination. If your loved one is not able or willing to come to one of our Centers, but needs assistance during the day, our Attendant Care services can also help with some of the ADL tasks and activities they need throughout the day.

Our Health Care Coordination team can provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and accompany our Guests to their appointments as well as pick up medications and help manage them for your loved one, keep track of follow-up appointments, lab tests, and evaluations; and align your family with additional resources, providers, and equipment based on their needs.

Contact IADC for Help with ADL Care

If you are unable to meet the needs of a loved one with special health needs during the daytime, Independent Adult Day Centers is here to fill in the gap with our daytime services, including Activities of Daily Living support. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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