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Young Adults

Life-altering diseases and health issues are not restricted to elderly loved ones. Many young adults also need assistance around the clock for seizure disorders, traumatic brain injuries, intellectual disabilities, and more. Independent Adult Day Centers can provide adults ages 18 and over with the professional and compassionate care they deserve.

IADC’s Adult Day Services program is unique in that it allows your loved one to live at home and visit one of three Indianapolis area locations during the day. Guests enjoy nutritious meals, social activities, community outings, and much more. If your loved one needs to receive medical care while at one of our centers, our staff of healthcare professionals is there to provide the medical services they need while in a home-like environment. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your loved one is being well taken care of and celebrated at our Centers while you’re working or receiving the respite you may need to focus on yourself for a few hours.

Independent Adult Day Centers also provides in-home services including Attendant Care, Home Health Care, and Healthcare Coordination. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a tour of one of our Centers.

Types of Young Adults IADC Serves

IADC welcomes young adults with exceptional warmth and expertise. Our daytime services are ideal for young men and women who need supervision and professional assistance with Activities of Daily Living and medical care. We care for young adults with the following types of conditions and more:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury in young adults include motor vehicle accidents, falls, physical assaults, and sports-related accidents. Depending on the severity of the brain injury, your loved one or family member may need constant supervision. IADC’s Adult Day Services fosters a sense of independence and community around them while they’re at the Center throughout the day. We have a team of experienced LPNs and RNs and other health care professionals on-site to provide medical attention when needed.
  • Seizure Disorders. Seizures can come on suddenly with little warning. While fully immersed in activities and socialization within our Centers, Guests with seizure disorders are closely monitored so medical assistance can be administered when required. Our medical staff is expertly trained to recognize warning signs of potential seizures and follow the proper procedures to administer them care. With a higher-than-average Guest-to-employee ratio, you can rest assured knowing your loved one is receiving attention and is stimulated at Independent Adult Day Centers.
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. If your loved one has an intellectual or developmental disability, it can be challenging to take care of their needs 24/7. IADC offers respite for you and independence for your loved one. Guests form a sense of community and receive stimulation with our daytime services. Our structured day programming and our medical team oversight allows for reliable engagement and care for the individual, and peace of mind of the caregiver.
Young Adult Guest at IADC

The Benefits of Choosing IADC for Your Loved One’s Care

We view our Centers as an extension of your home filled with love and a carefully planned environment where Guests can thrive. We’ve worked hard to build a safe, friendly, community-minded atmosphere that allows our Guests to thrive as independently as possible. Our spacious centers include comfy couches and chairs and large-screen TVs. Other entertainment includes stimulating games and stations for activities. Between activities, Guests dine on delicious made-from-scratch meals.

Our devotion to maximizing quality of life for our Guests is on full display throughout all of our services:

Activities and Socialization

Those affected by traumatic brain injuries and developmental and intellectual disabilities can often prosper from the stimulation that comes with participating in activities such as arts & crafts, baking, and music – all activities we provide at IADC! We have concurrent daily activities, along with self-initiated stations with no-fail concepts. Guests may also embark on our weekly outings to museums, restaurants, retail stores, and shows.

Medical Care

Our Centers have a full-time LPN and/or RN on-site. Our Guests receive a full range of medical services, including medication management and administration, chronic disease monitoring, skilled nursing care, and quarterly health assessments.

Activities of Daily Living

For young adult Guests who need assistance, the team at IADC can provide Activities of Daily Living. As a home away from home, we help with dressing, bathing, grooming, feeding, toileting, and transferring your loved one with the same attentive care you provide.


Wondering if you’ll have time to drive your loved one to and from our Center every day? Leave that to us! If you live within a 10-mile radius of one of our three convenient Indianapolis area Centers, we will pick your loved one up each morning and return them home in the afternoon.

Nutritious Meals

Many of our Guests rave about the quality of the food at Independent Adult Day Centers. We serve breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack daily. Our meals are chef-prepared, made from scratch, and approved by a registered dietitian. And, yes, they’re delicious!

young adult guest of IADC
Young adult guest of IADC holding a paper crane

In-Home Services Offered By IADC

A Young Adult at IADC

Along with our Adult Day Services program, IADC offers in-home services. Healthcare Coordination, Home Health Care, and Attendant Care can benefit young adults with life-altering health issues and diseases in the comfort of their homes.

Our Attendant Care service assists with non-medical needs at home such as light housekeeping, companionship, shopping, errands, and other needs. We can even provide Home Health Aides to help with daily living activities such as toileting, bathing, and dressing.

Our Healthcare Coordination team provides a full range of medical services, including medication management, scheduling appointments, and transportation to and from doctor’s appointments.

Finally, our Home Health Care services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Beyond therapies, our professionals provide medical administration, blood draws, wound care, and more specialized medical services.

Contact IADC to Learn More About Our Services

Every Guest is greeted with courtesy and respect by IADC. If you work full-time or need respite during the day from caring for a young family member or loved one, reach out to Independent Adult Day Centers. For many Guests and their caretakers, building a community and extended support system at IADC is the greatest benefit. We have several options that allow your loved one to remain at home but still receive the care they need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to tour one of our Centers.

Guests of IADC on an outing

Our Services

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