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They served our country valiantly. Now we honor them in their time of need. Veterans diagnosed with life-altering diseases or medical issues such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and traumatic brain injuries often can no longer live alone. For compassionate family members and caregivers, Independent Adult Day Centers provides extraordinary care for loved ones while you’re working or taking care of other responsibilities that require your attention. Veterans are celebrated and nurtured by our exceptional staff which includes a team of LPNs, certified nurses, and medical assistants.

We offer daytime, non-residential services at three convenient Indianapolis area locations through our Adult Day Services program. This allows your loved one to be cared for by our professional staff during weekdays, while still living at home with you during evenings and on weekends. We also offer at-home services including Attendant Care, Home Health Care and Healthcare Coordination.

To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment to tour one of our Centers, contact Independent Adult Day Centers today.

Why Partner with IADC for Veterans with Special Needs?

We appreciate the service and sacrifices our veterans have made, and it is an honor to have them as Guests at IADC. We also enjoy playing matchmaker with all of our Guests, including veterans, to find friends and form new bonds. This might include introducing them to other veterans with whom they share common interests and experiences.

If you’re the caregiver of a veteran and want them to continue living at home, Independent Adult Day Centers is the right fit. You can trust that your loved one is receiving the individualized care they need and deserve while giving you time during the day to tackle other duties like work, cleaning, shopping – or just catching up on some much-needed rest!

Some of the many unique benefits provided to veterans at IADC include:

Medical Care

We care for our Guests just like our own family members. IADC has a full-time LPN and/or RN on-site to offer a full range of medical services. We can assist in medication management, routine wellness checks, skilled nursing care, therapy, and chronic disease monitoring for adults 18 and over.


If you live within a 10-mile radius of one of our three Indianapolis area locations, we provide transportation to and from our Centers – a perk our caregivers love! We pick your family member up in the morning and bring them home in the evening. We can also provide transportation to doctor’s appointments through our at-home Healthcare Coordination program.

Activities and Socialization

The staff and Guests at Independent Adult Day Centers enjoy having fun and staying active! This includes whole-person wellness where we promote physical activities that focus on learning new skills. We offer concurrent activities throughout the day, including art & crafts, baking, exercise classes, movies, and animal therapy to help Guests stay fit and happy. Our activities are designed for all Guests who want to participate! Weekly community outings to restaurants, parks, and museums are available for Guests to participate in as well.

Nutritional Services

The food at IADC would make even your mom proud. It’s that good! We serve breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Our chef-prepared meals are made from scratch and approved by a registered dietician. We also cater to Guests with special dietary needs.

IADC staff member pushes guest in wheelchair into accessible van.

Types of Veterans IADC Serves

Many veterans have special health needs. At IADC, our professionals develop a specific care plan for each of our Guests to ensure their needs are precisely met. We treat veterans with the following types of conditions and more.

  • Alzheimer’s Patients. Alzheimer’s is a heartbreaking disease, and many of the 6.5 million people diagnosed with it in the United States can’t be left alone for extended periods of time for safety reasons. IADC’s Adult Day Services program provides Guests and veterans with the needed benefits of social and mental stimulation, physical activity, and friendship. Studies have found that physical and mental stimulation can decrease sundowning and improve sleep for Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Dementia Patients. Dementia patients often cannot be left alone because of impaired judgment, wandering, or forgetfulness, which tend to worsen over time. Support during the day can help caregivers receive the respite many desperately need. IADC provides meal preparation, medical care, and can assist with Activities of Daily Living such as dressing, toileting, and much more. For aging veterans, the sense of community throughout our Centers provides a home away from home and a feeling of comfort for trusted caregivers.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Traumatic brain injuries are life-altering and, depending on the severity of the injury, usually mean your loved one can no longer live at home alone during the day. With a 6:1 Guest-to-employee ratio, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your loved one is receiving the individualized care they need in a friendly, community-like environment.
  • Seizure Disorders. Seizures can come on suddenly, and prompt action is required to assist those affected by this disease. Our staff members carefully monitor your loved one to identify the warning signs of seizures and are trained to provide medical care during the episode.
  • Parkinson’s Patients. Depending on the progression of Parkinson’s, some veterans have difficulty controlling movements, including balance and coordination. IADC offers a variety of Lifestyle Enrichment programs in which all Guests may participate. Your loved one can do crafts, play games with a group, or work on their own at self-initiated stations. We offer activities with no-fail concepts in a positive environment.
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Learn about Independent Adult Day Centers’ In-home Services

If you want your beloved veteran to live at home full-time but need a helping hand, we have services for that, too. Depending on the program (or programs) you choose, our at-home services can provide your loved one with skilled nursing; medical care; and physical, speech, and occupational therapy.

Our staff can schedule doctor’s appointments and drive your family member to the appointment. We can also perform Activities of Daily Living, meal preparation, and run light errands. Contact us today to learn more about the following at-home services we offer veterans:

Contact Independent Adult Day Centers to Schedule an Appointment

If your loved one or family member is a veteran and has been referred to assisted living because of health ailments, they may be entitled to financial assistance through Veteran’s Affairs. We can work with you to help secure a referral. If you’re ready to learn more about our nurturing, family-like environment, contact IADC today for more information or to take a tour of one of our Centers.

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