Transportation Services

As part of our commitment to caring, we offer a variety of transportation at Independent Adult Day Centers. Reliable transportation to doctor appointments and to our centers helps maintain the health and independence of those we serve.

IADC’s fleet of accessible vehicles and caring drivers extends beyond just door-to-door service to appointments and day centers. You can see us out and about on the town for weekly outings into the community. We are proud to offer a robust transportation program at IADC.

Learn more about our transportation services and then contact IADC to learn more about ways we help caregivers and adults throughout Indianapolis.

Transportation Services is Part of Our Continuum of Care

When a loved one is diagnosed with a life-altering disease, they can feel very isolated. Many caregivers struggle to maintain the sense of community their loved ones had previously. As a result, this can often strain the relationship between family members.

Independent Adult Day Centers works to create a community of support in and outside our centers. Not only do outings improve the quality of life of our Guests, but they help caregivers get time back into their schedules so they can take a break or focus their attention on other activities in their lives. When both caregivers and loved ones have a sense of independence from each other, their relationship is much healthier.

Not only does transportation help caregivers, but it also helps our Guests regain their involvement in the community. At IADC, we frequently plan outings and activities for our Guests outside of the centers. Guests attend movies, go shopping, eat at restaurants, and take day trips to casinos and museums. This gives them the opportunity to spend time with peers and allows them to interact with the world around them as individuals.

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Transportation to Appointments

As a loved one ages, they often have more frequent doctor’s appointments which can be difficult to manage. The time it takes to bring a loved one to and from an appointment can be consuming. Independent Adult Day Centers Healthcare Coordination Team manages Guests’ doctor and therapy appointments, medication needs, other medical services, and transportation to and from appointments.

When a Guest joins one of our centers, the team at IADC creates a holistic care plan around the individual needs and abilities of our Guests. This often includes our Healthcare Coordination Services to ease some of the weight of the responsibilities Caregivers have to manage, including transportation. Many caregivers find relief when they work with the Healthcare Coordination Team at IADC.

Many Caregivers are relieved to know that their loved one is in good hands with our Healthcare Coordination team. Caregivers no longer need to worry about being late or forgetting about appointments for their loved ones when they work with IADC. Our coordinators meet regularly with caregivers to keep them abreast of health situations with their family members and let them know of updated care plans from Doctors.

Our Vehicles Are Equipped To Meet Guests Needs

Many caregivers aren’t equipped with vehicles that can support wheelchairs or other mobility and medical equipment, and purchasing a new vehicle that can is often a financial difficulty. The vehicles and IADC are designed to meet the needs of our Guests and their equipment to make it much easier to transport one or multiple passengers.

Our vehicles include many features to ensure safety and compatibility, such as:

  • Wheelchair and power chair accessible
  • Handicap-accessible lifts
  • Assistance to the vehicle, into the vehicle, off the vehicle, and to the door of the Center
  • Professionally qualified drivers
  • GPS Monitored for speed and historical data
  • Accommodations for up to 6 passengers
  • Regularly cleaned interior and exterior

Our Drivers

When we hire new drivers for our transportation team, they must pass a multi-state criminal background check, undergo routine competency training, and are subject to daily pre and post-safety inspections and weekly preventive maintenance inspections. Our drivers must be CPR certified and be able to communicate quickly with the centers in the event of an emergency. We ensure that they can safely and efficiently assist Guests in and out of the vehicles.

Our drivers are an integral part of the IADC staff. Guests look forward to meeting with them every day and talking with them as they drive around Indianapolis. Our drivers are highly complimented for their caring and compassionate nature. They become a part of your loved one’s community and are often the first person to greet them in the morning and the last person they say goodbye to at the end of the day.

Our Fleet of Vehicles

Independent Adult Day Centers has a large fleet of vehicles to accommodate all of our Guests’ needs at every Center. Each center has a dedicated fleet for outings, and our Healthcare Coordination Department has its own fleet of dedicated vehicles so there is never a concern about schedule overlap.

All of our vehicles are handicap accessible and are monitored by an online oversight system to ensure safe driving and that the vehicle is staying on route.

Guest Outings

One to three times a week, each center facilitates an outing in the local community. We design our outings based on surveys our Guests fill out when they join one of our Centers. Guests also are free to suggest outing ideas to our staff at any time. At the beginning of each month, we share a calendar of all of the available outings to our guests and they sign up for outings they want to participate in. Each Center has its own outing schedule and the types of outings change frequently.

Once our team has an idea of the number of Guests who are participating, we create a plan to make sure we can accommodate the individual care needs and cognitive abilities so we can provide adequate staff support and vehicle availability to make each outing enjoyable for everyone. Anywhere from 4-16 Guests can join an outing, depending on the popularity and the destination. We usually use two vehicles per outing to ensure that we have enough space to transport everyone.

Everyone likes to get out of the house and explore the world around them, and the Guests at IADC are no exception. A trip outside can be the highlight of a week for some of our Guests and Caregivers love to see how happy they are as they share their experiences with family members at home.

Independent Adult Day Centers in the Indianapolis Area

Contact Independent Adult Day Centers to Learn More

At Independent Adult Day Centers, we strive to provide quality experiences for Guests in our care and that includes our transportation services. Our top-of-the-line, well-maintained vehicles equipped with professional and courteous drivers are all part of our inclusive environment at every one of our centers. Talk to IADC today to learn more about our services for your loved one.

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