Adult Day Services For
Adults with Seizure Disorders

Caring for a family member or loved one with special health needs is an act of grace. While rewarding, it can also be extremely challenging. Many caregivers need a helping hand, especially if they work a full-time job and have other family responsibilities. Independent Adult Day Centers was founded to provide both caregivers and our Guests a safe, home-like environment away from home. We serve Guests 18 years or older with life-altering diseases or health issues, including seizure disorders, with exceptional care.

If your family member or loved one is one of more than 3 million people in the U.S. who lives with a seizure disorder, IADC is an excellent resource. Your loved one with a seizure disorder, including epilepsy, can remain living at home and receive the care and social engagement they need during the day. At all of our Centers, Guests enjoy a range of activities alongside high-level medical supervision.

While your loved one gains a sense of community and comfort at our Centers, our services provide a needed respite for caregivers to rest, work, or take care of other responsibilities. IADC offers daytime, non-residential services at three convenient Indianapolis area locations through our Adult Day Services program.

For caregivers seeking at-home services, we provide Attendant Care, Home Health Care, and Healthcare Coordination. To learn how we can help make your life more manageable and offer rewarding experiences for your loved one, contact us today.

Why Partner with Independent Adult Day Centers for Seizure Patients?

Seizure disorders need to be closely monitored so medical assistance can be administered promptly when required. With the caring team of professionals at IADC by your loved one’s side, you can rest assured all of our Guests receive the best care. A 6:1 Guest-to-employee ratio ensures your loved one benefits from the individualized care they deserve. Beyond meeting the needs of our Guests, our unique services provide a comforting and familiar setting full of friendship and activities.

Some of the benefits of partnering with IADC include:

Medical Care

One of the key qualities that distinguish IADC from other adult day centers in the area is our team of highly trained medical professionals who work on-site. As well as monitoring vitals, assisting with chronic disease management, and administering medications, our staff can perform skilled nursing which includes monitoring medical conditions and updating care plans as needed. Our team includes RNs, LPNs, MA’s, CNAs, and HHAs who are expertly trained to follow proper procedures to treat seizures in-house. This means we closely monitor the condition of seizure patients throughout the day and can identify early warning signs of seizures so appropriate action can be taken. Following an episode, our nurse will assess the Guest and assure their safety. We have quiet areas where our Guests can relax and recover.


At IADC, your chariot awaits! We offer transportation to and from our facility each day through our Adult Day Services program if your loved one lives within a 10-mile radius of one of our three Centers. We understand that your loved one may have lots of doctor’s appointments that may be hard to accommodate with your busy schedule. Through our Healthcare Coordination program, we can arrange transportation for your loved one to medical appointments with the assistance of one of our medical professionals who will advocate for your loved one and relay information back to the caregiver.

Activities and Socialization

IADC is truly a home away from home for our Guests, who are like family members to us. Our Guests stay actively engaged in the activities of their choosing and enjoy the time they spend at our Centers. Our beautiful facilities offer comfy chairs and couches where your loved one can relax and recharge. We offer interactive activities such as games, baking, arts and crafts, scrapbooking, jewelry making, pottery, and much more.

We also like to keep on the move! We have activities and appropriate exercises for your loved ones from yoga, Tai Chi, walking clubs, dancing, stretching, and chair exercises. Studies have shown that regular exercise can provide emotional and physical benefits for people living with epilepsy. Exercise may improve seizure control, sleep, cognitive ability, and disorders often associated with epilepsy, including depression and anxiety.

Meanwhile, our weekly community outings provide the opportunity for Guests to shop, dine out or take in a show. This allows your loved one to remain active members of the community while receiving proper care.

physical therapist helping a Guest
an attendant and a Guest at IADC

Nutritional Services at Independent Adult Day Centers

Studies have shown that unhealthy diets can lead to poor seizure control, which is why we’re proud to offer nutritious and delicious meals for our Guests. We’ve made it one of our core missions to provide Guests with nutritious meals that promote a healthy lifestyle. We serve breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack at our Centers which are all prepared fresh, in-house.

All of our meals are chef-prepared, made from scratch daily, and approved by a registered dietitian. We accommodate Guests with special dietary needs such as diabetes, food allergies, and high blood pressure. We never serve cafeteria or packaged foods at IADC. We’re proud to use meats and eggs from local farms whenever possible.

Guest at IADC painting
Guests at IADC enjoying live music

Contact IADC Today to Schedule an Appointment

We’ve created a safe, happy, and friendly environment at Independent Adult Day Centers. If you’re looking for the peace of mind of knowing your loved one with a seizure disorder is being excellently cared for during the day, contact IADC today. Between our medical care, healthy meals, and fun activities, IADC is like a second home for family members and loved ones suffering from health issues or life-altering diseases such as seizure disorders.

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