Adult Day Guest Rights

Your Rights as an Adult Day Services Guest

1. You have the right to respectful care regardless of sex, race, religion, national origin, or payment status.

2. You have the opportunity to self-determination within the day services setting, including the opportunity to:

     a. Decide whether or not to participate in any given activity.

     b. Be involved to the extent possible in program planning and operation.

     c. End participation in the ADS at any time.

3. You have the right to confidentiality and the requirement for written consent for release of information to persons not authorized under law to receive it.

4. You have the right to voice grievances about care, without discrimination or reprisal, to ADS staff or the local om- budsman.

5. You have the right to be free from harm, including unnecessary physical or chemical restraint, isolation, excessive medication, abuse, or neglect.

6. You have the right to a safe physical environment with appropriate handicap access to building and restrooms.

7. You have the right to a program that includes current event discussion, crafts, spiritual support, and appropriate

stimulation and exercise of body and mind.

8. You have the right to a nutritious lunch and snacks with special diet modifications as prescribed by your physician.

9. You have the right to assistance as needed with medications prescribed by your physician and ongoing instruction

in action, side effects, dosage, and proper administration to maximize the effect of your medicines.

10. You have the right to have a service animal, consistent with the “reasonable accommodations” clause of the Fair Housing Act.

11. You have the right to participate in the planning of activities and the right to choose not to participate in activities offered.

12. You have the right to adequate rest time.

13. You have the right to prompt billing and to have guidance in inquiring into financial assistance, if necessary.

14. You have the right to attend the Center free from being compelled to work, and that if any work agreement were to be put in place that it would be voluntary, paid at the prevailing wage for the job, and commensurate with your abilities.

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