Adult Day Care For
Dementia Patients

When you leave your loved one with a caregiver for the day, you want to ensure they are receiving the best care possible. At Independent Adult Day Centers, we treat our Guests like family – because that’s how we see them.

Independent Adult Day Centers offers daytime, non-residential personal and medical care services at three Indianapolis area Centers as well as in-home Attendant Care, Home Health Care services and Healthcare Coordination. Our services are tailored for the elderly or adults over 18 with life-altering diseases, including dementia.

Dementia is a devastating disease that affects millions of Americans. Those suffering with dementia often cannot be left alone due to forgetfulness, impaired judgment or wandering or may require assistance with activities of daily living such as meal preparation, dressing, toileting and bathing. Caring for a family member or loved one with dementia without help can be completely overwhelming. Independent Adult Day Centers ensures that your loved one will stay safe and receive the right care, while providing you with an opportunity to pursue a career, run errands outside the home, or take some needed time for yourself.

If you want your loved one with dementia to continue to live at home but can’t provide all the care needed, consider partnering with Independent Adult Day Centers. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.

Why Choose Independent Adult Day Centers for Dementia Care?

Independent Adult Day Centers has a team of professional and experienced staff members to meet the daily needs of your loved one with dementia. With a 6:1 Guest-to-employee ratio, you’ll be confident that your loved one or family member is receiving the care they need.

Each and every one of our employees are certified through Dementia Friends of Indiana, an organization that seeks to advance education and awareness of dementia, reduce the stigma associated with the disease, and create community environments that are welcoming and conducive for those living with dementia. Our certification makes life easier for people who suffer from dementia and their caregivers. This provides the peace of mind of knowing your loved one is being well taken care of.

In Center Adult Day Services for those with Dementia include:

Medical Care

We have a team of LPNs, certified nurses and medical assistants on staff daily who are expertly trained to care for people who suffer from dementia. When your loved one with dementia joins IADC, we recommend scheduling an interview with one of our nurses so we can understand where they are in the progression of the disease. From there, we can create a plan of how we can best provide medical care to provide them a healthy life.

Each of our centers has a full-time Director of Medical Services who is a licensed nurse and is expertly trained to care for people who suffer from dementia. We monitor vital signs, administer medications and update family and other members of the care team about potential changes in condition. When Guests with dementia first attends IADC, our DMS conducts a thorough health assessment to determine where they are in the progression of the disease. From there, we create a personalized medical plan of care.

Activities and Socialization

When people with dementia leave the house for several hours during the day, it can help reduce sundowning which promotes a better night’s sleep. Independent Adult Day Centers offer specific activities that are geared toward Guests with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Our staff will talk with your loved one, encourage them and assist them with our Lifestyle Enrichment activities that are tailored specifically to those with dementia. Our activities include socialization, mindFIT activities to help strengthen cognitive abilities, and our Meaningful Moments Program. These activities are all offered regularly. We also have community outings throughout the week where we visit local restaurants, parks, and museums.


Another convenient aspect of our Adult Day Services is the transportation we provide for our Guests. We pick up Guests in the morning and drop them back off in the afternoon. Transportation services are offered for Guests who live within a 10-mile radius of one of our three Indianapolis area Centers. Caregivers appreciate the transportation services we provide because they can trust us to pick up and drop their loved one off at home without adding an additional errand to their list. If your loved one participates in our Healthcare Coordination services, we can provide transportation to and from doctor appointments as well.

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Nutritional Services at Independent Adult Day Centers

Many of our Guests with dementia lose interest, or simply forget, to eat and drink which can lead to health issues. Dishware with patterns, food that is too hot, and using utensils can sometimes deter dementia patients from eating. The key to getting your loved one to make sure they are eating a nutritious meal is patience and adapting to your loved one’s dietary changes. By cooking meals they enjoy and creating more frequent snack-sized meals will help make sure your loved one eats enough throughout the day. Our staff has a lot of tips and tricks to make sure your loved one’s nutritional needs are met and they drink enough water while in our care.

We serve breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack at our Centers. All of our meals are chef-prepared and made from scratch daily. Most of our food is local, and all of it is approved by a registered dietician.

In-Home Services

In addition to our Adult Day Services, IADC also offers in-home care, including Attendant Care, Healthcare Coordination, and Home Health Care services that can benefit those with dementia. Attendant Care can provide companionship to your loved one as well as allow caregivers some time to themselves. As your loved one ages, they may need increasing medical care. We can provide skilled medical care at your home as well. To learn more about our in-home services, contact IADC today.

Contact Independent Adult Day Centers to Learn More About Our Services for Dementia Patients

If you want your loved one with a life-altering disease such as dementia to remain at home but need help caring for them, consider partnering with the caring and loving professionals at Independent Adult Day Centers. We’ve worked hard to create a safe, friendly, and happy environment for our Guests so they truly feel at home when they visit. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a tour of one of our Centers.

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