Healthcare Coordination

As we age, the frequency of doctor’s appointments, medical tests, and therapies may increase. Managing all of this information can be challenging and overwhelming. Healthcare Coordination services at Independent Adult Day Centers are designed to simplify complex medical situations by organizing information, communicating physician’s instructions, managing services and medications, and providing transportation to appointments.

Our unique Healthcare Coordination program provides busy caregivers with the peace of mind of knowing their loved one or family member is receiving the utmost care and attention while still living at home.

Customized Healthcare Plans to Meet Our Guests’ Needs

IADC’s Healthcare Coordination program is tailored to meet each guest’s specific needs. Upon signing up for Healthcare Coordination Services with IADC, a comprehensive health assessment is performed by a member of the HCC leadership team who then reviews the client’s health history to develop a personalized plan of care. This can include receiving Healthcare Coordination services or a combination of other IADC services.

Healthcare Coordination encompasses the following offerings.

Medication Management

During the initial home assessment, we evaluate whether medication management is necessary. We also consider factors such as the number of medications, expiration dates, the most recent prescription refill date, and the ability of the guest or caregiver to administer medications safely. Once the evaluation is done, our HCC team will create a plan to ensure that medications are safely and consistently administered.

woman being handed pills from a case by a nurse

Transportation to Appointments

HCC services provided by IADC include transportation to and from appointments, which is extremely helpful for caregivers who work or have other responsibilities during the day. Driving loved ones to and from doctor’s appoinments can take up a lot of time in your day. Not only will our HCC team arrange transportation for your loved one, we’ll also join them at appointments to advocate for your loved one and share care instructions. 

Lab Findings, Evaluations, Follow-Up & Education

Healthcare Coordinators are responsible for initiating the follow-up process for labs, evaluations, and referrals. After an appointment, the Healthcare Coordinator duplicates orders or discharges paperwork and submits it to the HCC Scheduler to ensure that all necessary follow-up tasks are completed. Additionally, a monthly educational piece is mailed to all guests receiving HCC services. This educational material provides valuable information pertaining to diagnoses, physical health, and mental well-being.

Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy

To ensure a seamless continuum of care, HCC directs therapy services needed to our in-house home health provider, Independent Home Health Care. If our in-house home health is out of network or unable to provide the therapy, the scheduler will work on obtaining the therapy services.

health care coordinator assisting a Guest of IADC into a van

Management of Services

A primary goal of HCC is to manage our guests’ healthcare needs so they don’t have to worry about it. The Healthcare Coordinator can call the doctor, order medications, set up medications, schedule annual appointments, set up labs, review lab results, and more. However, it’s completely fine if guests prefer to speak on their own behalf. The job of HCC is to empower guests who prefer to do that.

A primary goal of HCC is to manage our guests’ healthcare needs. The Healthcare Coordinator can call our guest’s doctor, order medications, set up medications, schedule annual appointments, set up labs, review lab results, and more.

Accompany Guest During Appointments

Accompanying guests to appointments is another benefit of HCC services at IADC. Our Healthcare Coordinators attend appointments and take notes so this information can be added to the guest’s file and communicated back to any family members included in their care. 

How Healthcare Coordination Can Ease the Burden for Caregivers

Caregiving can be a demanding, full-time responsibility. Our HCC program recognizes this and aims to alleviate many of the burdens associated with appointment scheduling, transportation, prescription pick-up, referrals, and more. Whether caregivers have full-time jobs, additional family members to care for, or simply need a break from the stress of caring for a loved one, HCC is here to offer support.

Continuum of Services Offered at Independent Adult Day Centers

Whether your loved one needs at-home service, in-center care, or a combination of both, our services work together as a continuum of care. Our all-encompassing plan created by our Healthcare Coordinators ensures that caregivers have someone they can trust to provide the services they need to keep their loved ones healthy.

Healthcare Coordination starts when your loved one joins one of our three non-residential Indianapolis area centers. There, they will enjoy nutritious meals, as well as attendant care and assistance with activities of daily living. If your loved one needs more assistance at home, our Healthcare Coordinators can help facilitate adding Home Health Care services to your home during nights and weekends. 

Talk to IADC to learn how our Healthcare Coordination Services can help your loved one. 

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Caring for a loved or family member with health issues or a life-altering disease is an act of love. Taking care of everything yourself can quickly become an overwhelming burden. Let the caring and kindhearted Healthcare Coordination professionals at Independent Adult Day Centers fill in the gaps and make sure that your loved one gets the most from a comprehensive care plan. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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