Healthcare Coordination

Meeting your healthcare needs just got easier!

With Healthcare Coordination, we customize a plan to meet your medical needs.  Each plan is conducted and coordinated by our qualified nursing staff, with oversight by an RN. Collaboration with healthcare providers outside of IADC will be introduced, as needed.

Components that each plan may contain:

  • All medications are put in one pouch with names included, preset for daily usage.
  • We cover the orders and coordinate the delivery of medication.
  • Medication adjustments made as necessary, according to side effects, interactions with other medications, and effectiveness.
  • Making appointments and providing transportation.
  • Nurse will stand in for the caregiver and advocate for the Guest’s best interest.
  • Translation of medical terminology to easily understandable information.
  • Relaying information to the Guest’s caregiver or family.
  • Regular check-ups of blood sugar, blood pressure, weight management, etc.
  • Wound care assessment & management.
  • Regular analysis of needs, updating caregiver & PCP throughout the process.
  • Whatever is possible will be done in house, or out- sourced to a doctor if necessary.
  • Health record consolidation and drug interaction screens.
  • Attendant care with activities such as waking, bathing, and ADL assistance.
  • Continuation of care with Home Health or skilled Home Health assistance.
  • Assessment for durable medical equipment needs and obtaining orders as necessary. These include: oxygen, hospital beds, ADA equipment and more.