Healthcare Coordination

Meeting your healthcare needs just got easier!

With Healthcare Coordination, we customize a plan to meet your unique medical needs.  Each plan is conducted and coordinated by our qualified nursing staff, with oversight by an RN.

Components that each plan may contain:

  • In collaboration with your physician, we facilitate the ordering, pickup or delivery & in-home setup of medications.
  • Schedule appointments, provide transportation & advocate for Guests at medical appointments
  • Translate medical terminology & relay information to you and your family
  • Regular check-ups of blood sugar, blood pressure & weight monitoring done in-home or in-Center
  • Routine wellness checks and in-person meetings to provide education & reinforce compliance with physicians’ instructions
  • Holistic review of healthcare history, with communication of relevant information to all providers involved in your care
  • Continuation of care with non-medical Attendant Care or skilled Home Health.
  • Align with additional resources and providers according to your specific needs

Our Services

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