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Caring for a loved one or family member living with ongoing health issues is an incredible act of love. Although no one can replace the care you provide, there will likely be times you need assistance or a break.

Independent Adult Day Centers can be your trusted partner to support you with non-residential care during the daytime hours in our safe, home-like centers or with at-home services for your loved one. Our team ensures every need of your family member is met by following personalized care plans throughout the day. Not only do we look out for the best interest of our Guests, but we also provide a support system for caregivers.

We understand that you might not have planned to become a caregiver or have not been trained for this responsibility. The team at Independent Adult Day Centers wants you to know that you are not alone in your caregiving journey. We provide caregiver support groups to help answer your questions about caregiving. During these informative meetings, you receive emotional support, advice, encouragement, and camaraderie with other caregivers so you do not feel alone in this journey. To schedule a tour of one of our Centers, or to learn more about an upcoming support group meeting, contact Independent Adult Day Centers today.

How Can IADC Benefit Caregivers?

Caregivers commonly experience stress and isolation, and they need support, too. Caregiving can be an exhausting, full-time job. Some of the benefits Independent Adult Day Centers can provide caregivers include:

  • Breaks and Respite. All caregivers need a break to rest and recharge from what is oven a 24/7 job. Breaks allow you to exercise, nap, or provide personal time to meet with friends or go shopping.
  • Refuel. Sleep is a luxury for busy caregivers. A lack of sleep can eventually lead to burnout, forgetfulness, and health issues. Having a break from being a caregiver during the day can provide you with the much-needed time to rest and refuel.
  • Normalcy. Professional care can restore the relationship caregivers have with their spouse, child, or parent. The caregiver is no longer holding 100% of the burden of care. They can have a life independent of just caring for a loved one. This goes a long way in helping restore some sense of normalcy and improving the family dynamic.
  • Peace of Mind. When you enroll a loved one in our Adult Day Services program, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that he or she is being properly cared for while you take time to rest and recharge. We have a higher than average Guest-to-employee ratio to provide the individualized care your family member needs.

Caregiver Support Group

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As a busy caregiver, know that you’re not alone. Meeting with other caregivers can provide the needed support and education to navigate difficult times.

Independent Adult Day Centers offers a regular caregiver support group for caregivers to meet and develop their own sense of community. During the meetings, everyone has an opportunity to introduce themselves and share their caregiving story in a friendly and supportive manner. A presenter leads the group in discussion while educating and inspiring. Lunch prepared by our in-house IADC Chef is served while continued conversation and camaraderie take place.

We want our Guests’ families to discuss the challenges and behaviors they are seeing at home, whether in a private or public format. There’s a good chance that what you’re experiencing is also similarly experienced by others therefore other caregivers or professionals may have guiding principles on your situation. By knowing caregivers’ unmet needs, we can connect them to additional resources that can help.

The Benefits of Partnering With IADC for the Care of a Loved One

IADC is an extension of the care you provide at home. This means combining expert medical care with enriching activities throughout our Centers. We treat our Guests like family because that’s how we view them. Some of the services you can expect when partnering with IADC include:

Medical Care

We have a highly trained medical staff on-site to provide individualized medical care. Our staff performs routine wellness checks, medication monitoring, and administration, ongoing health assessments, and skilled nursing care. We also offer physical, speech, and occupational therapy for those who qualify.

Lifestyle Enrichment

Many of our Guests view our Centers as a home away from home – and for good reason! Between arts & crafts, baking, painting, jewelry making, and other activities, our staff and Guests have a blast hanging out together and creating lifelong friendships as they develop a community of peers. We facilitate weekly community outings where we dine out, go shopping, or take in a show.

Our goal is to develop an enriching environment to promote both mental and physical wellness. Our Centers allow Guests many opportunities including spiritual connections, hand massages, and aromatherapy. We offer concurrent activities throughout the day such as whole-person wellness classes suited for every personality from yoga to dancing. We’re also proud to offer self-initiated stations with no-fail concepts and dementia-friendly programs.

Activities of Daily Living

Many of our Guests need assistance performing basic functions that many of us take for granted. Our staff can assist with Activities of Daily Living, such as dressing, bathing, grooming, eating, toileting, and transferring. Every member of our staff works to preserve the dignity and independence of our Guests.

Custom Nutrition Plans

If you ask what Guests enjoy most about visiting our Centers, most will say the food. It’s that good! Our in-house chefs cook meals from scratch daily. All of our meals are approved by a registered dietitian. We serve breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.


Concerned about transportation to our Centers? We have that covered, too! If you live within a 10-mile radius of one of our Centers, we will pick your family member up in the morning and drop them off at home in the afternoon.

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Contact IADC Today to Learn More About Our Services

If you’re a caregiver for a loved one living with health issues or a life-altering disease, we’re here to help with our daytime or at-home services. To learn more about our offerings or to take a tour of one of our Centers, contact us today.

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